4H BTC Waves+ Signal charting, full blind

Fully blind signal charting followup for Waves+, BTCUSD 4h.

All horizontal lines/signals were plotted with the candlestick chart hidden and not visible. Additionally, this time, all directional trades and exits were determined with the chart hidden.

Additional signal explanation and rationale is detailed in yellow text, annotated on the chart/indicators.

8/10 Trades closed in profit (green checkmark). 2 Trades marked with red X were below 2% profit margin, and are considered a loss unless high leverage is used.

Initial setup with Waves+, DOSC (Derivative Oscillator) with signal line disabled. 1-2 bar delay on signals to provide accurate/realistic demonstration of entries/exits (on bar close).

Waves+ has the LSMA line enabled (dark blue).

Waves+ is a hybrid wavetrend fibbonaci oscillator.
Waves+ components:

  • Light blue line = Waves line
  • Dark blue line = LSMA line
  • Red line = Mmenosyne follower (fib line with medium speed)
  • Green line = Mmenosyne base (fib line with slow speed)
  • Shaded yellow zone = Explosion Zone warning (Ehler’s Market Thermometer)
  • Red/green center dots = TTM Squeeze Loose Fire(red), TTM Squeeze Strict Fire (green)
  • Lower dotted line = 38.2 fib line
  • Upper dotted line = 61.8 fib line
  • Lower dashed line = 25 wavetrend limit
  • Upper dashed line = 75 wavetrend limit
  • Blue 1/2 height block = suggested TP from short/drop incoming 1-2 bars
  • Orange 1/2 height block = suggested TP from long

Chart markup:
solid green = buy/long signal
solid red = sell/short signal
dashed red = early sell/short signal
dashed green = early buy/long signal
dashed orange = suggested exit from long signal
dashed blue = suggested exit from short signal

Trades closed in profit/loss, no stops, marked up on chart:

Trade closed in profit = green checkmark
Trade closed at a loss = red X.
Trades that are less than 2% in profit will be considered a loss for scalping unless leverage is used.

Incremental for this blind signal test will be documented below/updated as part of the trade idea/post.

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