Bitcoin Crypto Chart Patterns lesson 2

This is my 2nd Chart Patterns trading lesson for you.
This time I visualised the chart patterns on a Bitcoin
chart to show you a failed trend reversal and a
successful trend reversal. I also added RSI to
look for extra confirmation through divergences.

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It is my intention to make a lot of these charts.
If you want to see an analysis of a particular Crypto,
Please let me know! You can also contact me on my Telegram Group:
or email: [email protected]

In the following lesson I will take you by the hand and give you
a practical in-depth look into basic chart pattern reading.

This lesson is about how to find trends, how to find new trends early,
and especially how to spot reversals. In this example we will run into
some failed reversal attempts.

Although the charts can look a bit intimidating at first,
don’t be put off by that. It is not that complicated at all, you’ll see

I really hope it gave you a good oversight of what chart patterns are all about.
Please look at these charts multiple times, so the wealth of information they contain can really open up and sink in.

Happy Trading!

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