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Hello and welcome to our daily analysis of the bitcoin chart, of course I think the previous format was much clearer and informative but I’ll try to use a different format today. try to be a little more verbose maybe?

We’ve closed our 4050 Short position yesterday with profit 13%

1BTC:18.12.23@4050-18.01.14@3591 PL:+549(+13.55%) - CLOSE SHORT

No we are “bullish” from yesterday at 6300 and we’re at 6330 now we’ve seen some exciting movements in alts. there is a possibility that we break that trend of course as there is an obvious divergence on the MDMA oscillator, but our position assumes less elasticity.

+1BTC:3600:18.10.14 - LONG

I don’t usually ever use stop loss or take profits but here are our targets as people love and always ask for targets:-

  • 20%@6400
  • 30%@4200
  • 50%@4300

So forecast is for the MDMA divergence to hold for another peak possibly higher than 4200 range on the price chart, and hopefully for a third higher wave on the 1D chart

If we zoom out we find we’re in a definitive doom if we didn’t break abve the 3k-6k level we expect 2400 then 1200 during the upcoming 1-2 years see below

BTC Prediction - 600 Days

Thank you & Happy Trading
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