ETH Puls Up ~!- ( Z1 )

Solid Green Channel is well hung. Rooted 18 Jul 18′ High. it has a stubby but tight root slope. These Parabolas where hung weeks ago. There IS a path up!

The latest price action events heard Solid green and obeyed. remarkable! We will ‘wait see’ how the Jag responds to upper Solid Green.

Dashed Red A is the death trend. it is not Well hung but it is close to that. It is a real parabolic trend. Dashed Red passe through null value mid July ’19. That is a timing signal.

Blue to Dashed Blue is another trend parabola that estimates a No bubble Profile for the lifespan of ETH. It comes into play as the current Jag action is between Red and Blue, Taking Green G 1,2, ETH is hoping to to reach purple; A P channel Rooted 05 May ’18 where it can return to its ‘fun state’ of several hundreds and volatile.

Abie: ETH still needs a social role. Currency is nothing until it plays an ephemeral role at a trade. We can trade to trade, but ETH still needs to be traded for something other than currency to have a social role, and actual power, Otherwise ETH and so much Crypto is the idea of money with out redemption.

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