TRX showing Bearish signs.

TRX has been on a run these last couple of weeks, but it looks like the fun might be rolling to a close. On the daily time-frame, we can see clear Bearish Divergence as shown by the light-blue lines, and we are seeing declining daily volume . The daily Stoch is also looking bearish as we just got a bearish cross-over and it is also showing Bearish Divergence. TRX does have an X-factor to it though, as they can seemingly create hype out of thin air, so be very careful shorting this one. Price is still above the 10/20 day moving averages, but I think the overall outlook is Bearish .

Moving average guide:
10 MA in Orange
20 MA in Pink
50 MA in Green
100 MA in Yellow
200 MA in Red

Strong Resistance: 700

Target area’s if the price starts dropping: 625, 580, 540, and 500.

-This is not financial advice. Always do your own research and own due-diligence before investing and trading, as for investing and trading comes with high amounts of risk.

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